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Modern Furniture – Practical, Simple and Cost-effective

Modern Furniture – Practical Simple and Cost effective Modern Furniture – Practical, Simple and Cost effectiveModern furniture is characterized by its simplicity of design and its combination of form and function. They were also made out of new materials like plastic, steel, etc. Technology and art is combined to make these pieces.

Modern furniture is furniture that is manufactured from the last part of the 19th century to the present. This type of furniture has influences from the modernism school. The designing characteristics of this type of furniture are a shift in emphasis from value and desirability towards function and accessibility. The pieces went from being heavy visually to being visually light. Carved wood that was gilded and richly patterned fabrics gave its way to polished metal’s simplicity and geometry. This new type of furniture possessed technical innovation, originality, and newness as its hallmarks. It signified the present and the future rather than the past. Creativity of several landmark designers and artists has gone into the design of these furniture pieces.

New materials characterize its construction

New materials like steel, molded plywood, plastics were used. Fusion of technology and art is another characteristic. African and Asian design played influencing roles in this type of furniture design. Japanese design especially played a defining role. The German Bauhaus school with its emphasis on blending of technology and art is another influencing factor for this movement. Another influence is the art nouveau movement. In form, these pieces were simple and also had lightness compared to the ornate designs of the earlier furniture. Most of the designs are pre-1960 and yet they have continued to dominate this type of furniture to this day. This could continue even for the future. Modern furniture has become a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Prior to the modern movement, furniture was considered as ornate. The length of construction of a piece was considered to be its hallmark.

It is to be noted that all furniture retailed in stores today are not modern. There are still several pieces that are traditional. Then there are those that straddle between the modern and traditional schools called the transitional design.

There are some iconic pieces that are considered hallmarks of modern furniture design. Wassily Chair from Marcel Breuer’s is a prime example. Other such pieces are the side table from Eileen Gray, Barcelona chair, Noguchi coffee table, etc. This particular style of furniture was responsible for making good design accessible to the masses. Unlike traditional furniture, good aesthetic furniture was not costing a bomb. More numbers also could be produced. This mass production also meant it became more accessible for the masses. Since practicality was a hallmark, these pieces could be subject to more rough usage than their traditional counterparts.

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